Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Social Club

Dissolution Of the Club

The special meeting on Saturday 27th December voted unanimously that the club should cease trading at 11:00 p.m. on Monday 5th January and be dissolved. We thank our members for their support over the years.

The club's premises were sold (for £165,000), and most of the debts of the club have been paid. Of the two outstanding insurance claims, one was withdrawn after a medical, whilst the other is on-going: however, we have reached agreement to pay the excess on this last claim which has cleared our liability to our insurance company.

The remaining liability remains the Capital Gains Tax: the Inland Revenue to asked for further evidence as to our valuation of the club as on 31st March 1982; if they decide to decline our valuation they will then appoint a district adjudicator to negotiate a revised valuation with us.

When this issue is resolved, we can finally start the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) process for dissolving the club. This includes calling a general meeting to formally approve the instrument of dissolution (although the special general meeting of 27th December 2014 agreed to the dissolution of the club). This will also be an opportunity for the members to review this year's accounts.

Club Membership

Only those full members who renewed their membership for 2015 are eligible for a share of the club's assets once the dissolution process has been completed. Those who did not renew (including life members) are no longer members of the club (Rules 4c and 5a), and may not apply to become members again.

The Band

The band has moved to a new band room in Sandiace. For more details, please visit the band's web site www.lespb.org.uk.

To Contact The Secretary

The secretary, Dr. Robert Stansfield, may be contacted by writing to the club at

11 Salisbury Street, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 1BA (mail is being collected),

or by email

Club Rules

The rules of the Long Eaton Silver Prize Band Social Club are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) .

Please click here to read the rules in Adobe PDF format.

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